Welcome to Callbox Connex, sister site to Callbox Communications Limited

As a diary and answering service Callbox Communications Limited cannot take on an infinite number of crew, sadly this means we often have to turn down the opportunity to represent highly skilled individuals.  We feel that those crew  are still integral to many productions and we would like to help both production when looking for specialist crew, and crew who have the skills and experience to offer.

This is where Callbox Connex comes in…..

Callbox Connex is a website based directory, whereby you can find crew from a diverse range of backgrounds, with varying professional experience and skills across a multitude of UK locations. 

The creation of this platform has been motivated by an increasing amount of calls from production, looking  for crew with a skill set that we are unable to fill from our regular Callbox Communications crew at that particular time.   

However we recognise the need for production to be able to easily access a pool of highly skilled, professional crew and feel: the Connex website will provide the perfect networking tool; both for crew, who will be able to showcase their skills and experience and for production to be able to fulfil their more bespoke crew requirements.

Crew that are part of Callbox Connex can build and maintain a web presence with us, making their unique profile stand out to production when they are directed to the website by us, or simply when they are just browsing the pages.

Production will be able to find matches to their requirements using key searches such as location or grade to find the crew for their jobs.

All of this will also be hosted on our iPhone friendly app, so crew searches can be carried out on the go.  Production will be able to contact with crew directly to discuss a job requirement and save all their chosen options to a favourites list. 

If you are a production looking for crew, please feel free to browse our pages, where you will be able to make direct contact with crew of interest to you.

If you are  looking to be listed on our directory please do email your CV and interest over to callbox@callboxdiary.org.uk